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How We Started

Adeline loved exercising since she was a young, active girl.But like many of us, she got bored with workouts after a while.
The same old routines bored her to death!

So, she decided to try all kinds of exercises out of curiosity.

She did hot yoga, aerial yoga, Pilates, HIIT, boxing, spinning among others.

When she decided to make her first trip to the gym, it was so intimidating. She felt clueless about how to use the equipment. The guys in the gym weren’t helping either. These muscle laden men had their own training plans & were laser-focused about what they needed to do.

What’s more, Adeline felt like these men were secretly judging her for her poor form & inability to use the gym equipment properly.

It wasn’t exactly a great experience. Adeline decided she would work out from home instead.

So, Adeline started to source for home workout equipment & training guides that target the critical muscle groups so she could replicate the same results she got at the gym.

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She sourced & found versatile equipment she could change& adapt to any type of workout so she wouldn’t get bored. What’s more, she could carry them along when she headed down to the office so she could get some exercise done even away from home.

She launched Adelyn Active because she wanted women to be able to do the same:
To exercise at their own time, their own pace without fear of judgement or intimidation by others.

Hence, she started to source for high-quality fitness equipment that women can use and achieve the same results as a trip to the gym.



We believe in giving our best in everything we do. Whether it’s designing a product or getting on an exercise routine. Life will provide us with what we put into it. That’s why we do our best.


We take action quickly – and stay open to feedback that comes. To produce the best products for our clients, we are always listening to them and improving the products we create. That’s the only way to be future-proof.


Just like our bodies – we need to be continually exerting ourselves so that we can experience growth in our strength of mind & body. We adopt this philosophy in our business practices, ensuring that things only become better over time.