Women's Workout Plan to Get Toned !!

Losing weight is always at the forefront of the lady's mind...but it is but one small piece of a fitness routine. Without enough muscle underneath to support your physique, your body may end up looking tired, not the way you want to look after sacrificing so much. The answer is muscle toning !


Toning: Pursuing both weight loss and muscle gain is the surest way to get to your goal physique, without much of the withdrawals and pains of dieting. This is because while strength training, you burn large amounts of energy not only during the workout but also after, as your body recovers from the soreness during sleep ! In fact, the 'afterburn' contributes most of the caloric burn from resistance training, not the workout itself. 


This five day plan will focus on the most visible body parts so your results show fast with the greatest definition. For workouts to carve the underworked areas of the body check out Adelyn Active's booty band workout.


Schedule: The plan should be repeated three times throughout the week, ideally with one day of rest in between. During the days off, steady state cardio should be performed to promote recovery and calorie burn - getting you tones faster!


The Plan:


A staple in workouts all over the world for god reason, it targets the chest, triceps core and arms all in one simple and replicable motion. It is also extremely scalable in terms of difficulty, simply place your knees on the ground for lesser resistance...or use one arm if you are impeccably strong !


Perform three sets of 8, followed by an AMRAP set (as many reps as possible)


You should aim to progress your AMRAPS weekly for a new max. 

Banded Curls

Biceps contribute to women's physique in a truly great way, they frame your arms and prevent skin from drooping to the underside. 

Simply step onto bands of the appropriate resistance and lift both hands simultaneously and lower down with a 3 second count. 

These should be performed to three sets of failure each time. 

The biceps are a relatively small muscle group and recovers extremely quickly, allowing you to go extremely hard. 

Ab Roll Outs

These are some of the most humbling reps you will do in your entire life. This exercise combines a plank, a straight arm push down as well as a knee raise all in one package, giving you the tone of your dreams fast...but not easily. 

Grasp each side of the handles with your knees on the ground and roll the equipment out with straight arms. You should aim to roll until your chin nearly touches the floor. You may increase the difficulty either by adding weight or by simply getting onto your toes. 

Perform these for three sets of 8, with one last set to failure. 

The abs like the biceps are relatively small, and could take a beating, do not go easy on them. 

Banded Lateral Raises

The side delts are responsible for framing your entire upper body and defining the v taper, to achieve a symmetrical and aesthetic upper body the side delts are a must have. 

To perform this movement, step on resistance bands of appropriate difficulty and grasp each end with thumbs pointing towards you. Slowly lift your arms up making sure to continue pointing your thumbs down. Pause briefly at the top and slowly let them down. Unlike other muscle groups, the side deltas do not get much love in daily activities, so be sure to give it the love it deserves three times a week ! 

Perform five sets of 8 with the last set being an AMRAP set, remember that quality always trumps quantity and doing less and slowly is always the better option. 

Banded Flies 

Unlike pushups flies isolate the chest muscle while sparing your triceps and shoulders, they are a great assistance exercise for carving out a contoured upper body. 

To perform the movement, lie on top of the resistance band while grasping the ends with thumbs pointing outward. Bring your hands together with straight arms and lower them until they reach a resting position on the ground. 

Perform five sets to failure for this exercise, the flies are meant to be a burner for the chest and finishes them off to burn the most amount of calories and sculpts a killer physique.