Women exercises for flat stomach

Is a flat stomach all you want for this coming summer? Do you want to get it fast and painlessly? While it would be amazing if that were possible, Adelyn is sad to say that it is not. Yet, the act of starting to reach for your goals builds habits, like rolling a snowball it gathers momentum and size...until you have the body of a Greek goddess. 

Fit smiling women in sportswear looking at each other and giving high five while doing push up exercise on gray glossy floor against blurred interior of spacious workout room with brick walls and big windows

Stomach Exercises for Women 

Tummy, thighs, arms...you can't really choose where you want to lose weight from. While diet and exercise can be used to bias the stomach somewhat, your body still takes the helm when it comes to where it wants to let fat go, luckily for us the stomach tends to be the first!

All those crunches, sit ups and planks are but a tools in the toolbox, and should contribute a small percentage of your total workload. Reason being, the stomach muscles are just rather small, they may not look small but they are perhaps only 3/4 inches thick, compare that to your glutes and thighs that account for 40% of your body's muscle mass. More muscle burns more calories, so your time is truly better spent on doing legs. Remember: Legs burn stomach more than stomach burns stomach. 

The name of the game is caloric deficit. Keto, Paleo, intermittent fasting, all these are just ways to reach a state of less calories in compared to calories out. When you eat less than you burn you fat cells (adipose tissue) shrink in size, but they do not entirely disappear. This is the reason why contestants of Biggest Loser gain their weight back so quickly, because the fat cells make them more likely to store calories as fat. The only way to counter that is muscle and strength training, which forces your body to partition energy to healing your muscles and tendons. 

All in all, losing stomach fat is simple but not terribly easy, but it is definitely easier if you do the exercise as listed below:


1. Long and Short:

You need to make a decision whether you would like to put in more time or more effort. While high intensity training clearly wins out on efficiency, it is also brutal, unforgiving and personally I do not like it one bit. As per Harvard Health Publishing, the average woman would burn 160 calories walking for a half hour, but at a running pace its closer to 372 calories. 

Yet, this is not a case against steady state cardio, it is more accessible and generally more easy to stick to than a high intensity approach. So while true you only burn 160 calories in half an hour, its easy enough to bump it up to an hour and watch another episode of breaking bad on the elliptical. 

So ultimately, you must pick your poison, is it easier for you to stick to short and hard sessions or long and easier ones? 

2. Interval Training:

So you have chosen the intense route, god bless you, progressively increasing the difficulty of the intervals is key to progress and weight loss. It is one thing to see the weight on the scale go down or the fat melt from your body, but that change often occurs slowly or is otherwise not visible, maybe you ate something salty and you retain more water, or you ate too much for Sunday brunch. These little blips make tracking progress hard in the short term. But! Tracking performance is a little easier, as you improve week to week, it is another powerful source of motivation and is a good insurance for when your weight goes up and down. 

1. Warm up briefly for 5 minutes, refrain from static stretches, instead opt for dynamic ones to lengthen your muscles under load. 

2. Run at a pace that is about 80% of your absolute max for thirty seconds. 

3. Slow down to a brisk walk for two minutes 

4. Repeat the run at 80% for another thirty seconds

5. Follow that up with brisk walking for two minutes 

6. Perform a total of 6 such cycles 

Each week endeavor to shave off a little bit of rest, and increase the duration of the run. Log this on your phone or on a notepad to track your progress. 

3. Strength Training:

The next pillar to shaving off tummy fat is strength training. Muscles are hungry, in fact they consume the most energy per pound in your body. Having more muscle means being able to eat Sunday brunch guilt free. 

Using a combination of loaded movements will guarantee muscle on your entire body. 

1. Lunges 

2. Squats

3. Good mornings 

4. Press-ups 

5. Shoulder Presses 

6. Pulls/rows 

Simply pick a resistance, whether weights, your body weight or bands available at our website and figure out your max reps for that given weight. 

Perform 5 sets of 80% of your max reps for each exercise, one exercise per day, or if you are short on time you may consider grouping antagonistic muscle groups like squats with pulls. 

Every subsequent week aim to increase the number of reps per set by 1 or 2 until you have completed 4 weeks of training with the same weight. 

Restart the process with a heavier weight and build the body of your dreams.