Sara Sigmundsdóttir's Diet and Training

In the world of CrossFit, no other female athlete has been as dominant as the Icelandic sporting icon Sara Sigmundsdóttir. Clinching four world titles consecutively, it is no exaggeration to say that she is the face of female CrossFit and fitness. She serves to this day the gold standard for diet and exercise, in this article we wish to share her secrets!


 I challenge you to name three people as fit as Sara Sigmundsdottir, she is truly a fitness phenom. She not only lifts big weights but manage to do them to no end, demonstrating incredible grit and stamina. But besides her athletic feats, the diet that supports it is likewise amazing. 

What is the secret sauce:

She is strict with her food, there are no two ways about it. To fuel top performance, there must be premium intake much like an F1 racecar. She spreads her meals out based on research to 6 meals per day, 3 large and 3 small. 

She also rotates her macro regimes near daily, depending on the type of workout the day demands. More carbohydrates are needed for cardio and more salt for strength work. Spacing them in between her training to get the best recovery. 

The most staggering figure is probably her daily intake of 200 grams of protein, absolutely needed to sustain her muscle mass and recovery times. It is extremely difficult to consume such a large amount with conventional means, so she has her secret ways...

Diet Breakdown:

Sigmundsdottir opts for a customized keto diet, meaning a distinct lack of grains and cereals, instead she chooses to consume more fruits and vegetables. 

For breakfast, the focus is getting in early protein and micro nutrients from fruits, which means a meal that usually consists of eggs, green leafy vegetables and a fruit of her choice. Culminating in the use of 130 grams of egg whites. 

After which, she will also chow down a red juice smoothie to boost the antioxidant count in her body to stay healthy and keep recovery tip top. This meal provides enough slow carbs to last her for her first workout. 

For her post workout meal, she will chug down a plant based smoothie with banana, peanut butter and protein powder for taking advantage of the anabolic window. 

For lunch, she will consume lentils, vegetables and a protein source of her choice, usually lean chicken or turkey. This provides much needed carbs to fuel the rest of the day. 

For dinner, what she eats is very similar to her lunch, with a heavy focus of lentils and vegetables. Her chicken here is usually cooked with turmeric to reduce inflammation. 

For her post dinner meal, she will have another plant shake to reach her goal protein intake for the day, with some peanut butter to aid in getting healthy fats. 

The Exercise Base:

Even prior to CrossFit, Signumdsdottir has been a prolific athlete, trying out many modes of sport like swimming, gymnastics and more crucially bodybuilding. Competing in shows often prior to stepping onto the stage for CrossFit. 

Her past bodybuilding experience built a strong muscular and knowledge base, allowing her to reach better numbers come time for her CrossFit career. A strong emphasis on muscular hypertrophy and clean eating allows for more force to be produced for CrossFit, and the discipline in diet and training carried over fantastically well to CrossFit later on. 

Final Thoughts:

Sara Sigmundsdottir is no doubt a phenomenal athlete, her placings in the games says so. Yet the more important thing is what we may learn from her journey, that being the formula to her success is quite boring! There is truly no magic behind her diet and exercise history, just pure discipline and a methodical approach. This is a good thing, as the simpler the advice is to follow, the more likely you are to heed it.