Kettlebell Workout for Ladies

Buying my kettlebell during lockdown from amazon was an act of desperation. Gyms were closed, parks are dangerous and generally going out was a bad idea. Those 50 bucks I spent on a 35 pounder was nearly life changing. This hunk of metal is now my go to piece of equipment, quarantine or not. 

Kettlebells are magic, but that is just my opinion, which does not count for much, but a study by Beltz et al. might. Nick Beltz is a Masters of Science in Kinesiology, and has been a key thought leader in the kettlebell space. The study asserts that the kettlebell not only makes you stronger and grow muscle, but improves flexibility as well as conditioning. What is not to like! 

Unfortunately, the 35 pounder is still too heavy for me to lift overhead comfortably. It is so important to choose a weight that is appropriate and not listening to your ego. Beltz recommends that the weight should feel challenging to lift for 10 reps or so with good form. Remember, the goal is to improve not feel defeated after failing to hoist it above your head for the 1000th time. 


The Workout 

The workout calls for a three exercise circuit with a burner set at the end of the workout. For each round, perform the exercises without any rest in between. After each round of circuit exercise, rest for one minute before repeating the exercises for another round. After completing three total rounds of circuits, switch over to the burner set to finish off your day. 


Single Arm Thruster

  1. Hold the kettlebell firmly in one hand and place on shoulder, keep feet shoulder width apart and stand up tall. 
  2. Looking slightly up, unlock your knees and hips simultaneously and sink into a deep squat, ideally with your hamstrings touching your calves. Keep your chest high and back straight. 
  3. In a smooth motion, squat upwards while pushing the kettlebell above your head to a full lockout position. 
  4. Gently lower the weight onto your shoulders as you go into a squat. 
  5. Do 10 reps of this exercise and repeat for the other arm.

Kettlebell Swings 

  1. Grasp the Kettlebell by the handle with both hands, assume a shoulder wide stance. 
  2. Lower the kettlebell while hinging at the hip. The kettlebell should reach backwards between your legs. 
  3. Swing the weight forward as you driver your hips forward violently 
  4. Repeat the motion 15 times. 


  1. Holding the Kettlebell with both hands, stand shoulder width apart. 
  2. With control and a straight back, hinge at the hips while keeping your knees nearly locked. 
  3. Look ahead and feel the tightness in your hamstrings increase.
  4. Once the end of your flexibility has been reached, reverse the motion and hinge your hips forward to lift the weight. 
  5. Keep the kettlebell over the middle of your foot at all times 
  6. Do 15 reps. 

Burner: Weighted Russian Twists

  1. Sitting on the floor with your knees up off the ground, grab a frim hold of the kettlebell. 
  2. Move your torso from side to side and touch the kettlebell to the ground each rep. 
  3. Keep the feet and back elevated from the ground, only moving at the torso. 
  4. Perform reps till failure.