4 Trendy Workouts for a Toned Butt

4 Trendy Workouts for a Toned Butt

A curvier silhouette has been every women's dream since Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez began flaunting their toned figures. And since then, women have left no stone unturned in their search for the perfect mix of workout and dietary regime.

Infact, this decade has seen the trendiest of diets ranging from ketogenic, Beyonce diet, to complete vegan diets which promise you your desired body shape. However, fantasizing about it is one thing, actually working for it is another.

Because gym routines seem difficult to follow, we bring you a compact list of workout routines that you can try at home!

Gluteal muscles are a powerful muscle group, however they are the most underused too. These workout routines target your lower body, glutes and core strength. The lower body has been the most affected and out-of-tone because of a constant lethargic routine. You can increase the impact of these exercises, and get an almost gym like experience by coupling them with various resistance bands. 

Squats are the most brutal and effective glute workout. You can hate squats all you want, but there are no other workouts as effective as squats to tone your lower body. You start by taking a wide stance and expanding your arms forward. Your extended arms help you balance as you sit behind. 
Squats strength your muscles around the knees while effecting your thighs, butts and backside. And, by using resistance bands, you can increase the intensity and impact of your squats by folds. The tube bands, where make you apply extra energy into the workout, also helps you achieve faster results. 
Leg Raises
Leg raises are the most effective to tone abs while strengthening your core. You start by lying on a mat and relaxing your back. Extend your arms and stretch your legs. It gets tougher from here. Now, raise your legs slowly. At first, they might be rigid and wobbly but you can overcome that with continuous sessions while eventually moving on to resistance bands like booty bands and tube bands etc. 
There are various variations of leg raises and each impact a different lower body region more than others. But all of them; tone abs and legs and strengthen your core.  
Donkey Kicks
 Donkey kicks is another glute workout that is effective in toning your lower body and abs. You start by assuming a position on all four limbs: your hands and knees. Your knees should be hip-wide and your arms exactly under your shoulders. Relax your spine and neck. Now slowly raise one leg such that your knee remains bend and parallel to the floor. Keeps your foot forward and use your glutes to drive this movement while your pelvis remains at the same position.
Donkey kicks affect your inner thighs and tone on your butt. In addition to that, they help to tone your lower abs and increase your core strength. When paired with booty bands, they increase the degree and impact of the whole process. 
Skipping Rope
If the strength workout scares you or tires you out, and you want to try something else—then don’t worry. You can start your routine by jumping, and skipping ropes are the best way to start with. These jumps are the most effect HIIT workout that burns your calories, improves your heart health and help you achieve toned arms and muscles. Unlike strength exercises, jump rope is relatively easy on your joints. 
The mentioned exercises are the first step towards losing your lockdown weight. These strength exercises paired with resistance bands and a fast diet helps to achieve a visible and prominent result, while eventually moving on towards more advanced variations and routines.