Does Booty Bands Really Work To Help Build Muscles?

Do Booty Bands actually build muscle? That's the question that many of us have been asking ourselves after seeing them on Instagram and YouTube. We know they are popular, but really do they work? You might be wondering why you should care about booty bands at all if they don't help you get a bigger butt. The truth is that these little rubber bands can make a huge difference in your workouts! In this blog post we will talk to 2 trainers who want to educate you on how to use Booty Bands properly so that you can maximise their potential when working out.


Booty Bands creates a “field of resistance” which helps with targeting the smaller muscles like glute minimus or medius (if you’re more advance). The booty bands helps to isolate these muscles that are rarely used better than any other exercises. 

If you want to grow your glutes, or what we call booty, the best way is to put a significant load on your body using weights while using the booty bands at the same time. 

We recommend trying some of the best butt-building exercises that are sure to grow your booty. 

  • Deadlift
  • Squat
  • Lunge
  • Hip Thrust

Most booty band workouts usually feature high reps which promote endurance training more than strength training.

However we recommend starting with heavier weights and fewer reps if you are looking to grow your glutes. Whenever you are doing these glute exercises, do take note to do these exercises consistently and as much range of motion as possible. 

These Booty Bands are perfect if you are new to working out and want to activate your glute muscles.

If you are new to booty training, you will definitely see results with the booty bands! Make sure you’re increasing the intensity when the exercises gets easier,

One of our trainers recommend that when you are starting out, you can start of with using a single band with low to medium resistance and slowly integrate two bands (one around the ankles and another above the knees)

Once you conquered the basic body weight with booty bands exercises, feel free to incorporate a barbell, kettlebell or dumbbell to increase the challenge. 

Your will definitely see growth in your glutes and thigh after doing the above exercises.

How long do you need to take to see results?

Just by doing 10 mins of daily butt-targeted exercises using booty bands, you are able to see tremendous results in 2 weeks. 


If you would love to bring you workout to another level? We recommend using the booty bands with our core sliders. By pairing booty bands with our core sliders, it not only works out your thighs and glutes, but it targets a lot of you core muscles.