Booty Bands - Before And After

Have you ever looked up booty bands before and after transformations? If so, what were your initial thoughts? Were you motivated to get started? Or perhaps you felt a bit uncertain or confused?
Yes, building a head-turning booty doesn’t happen overnight. You have to invest time and effort if you want to achieve great results. But does this mean that you shouldn’t even try? 


Absolutely not.


The truth is, with the right tactics, you can speed up the process significantly. 


Today, we’ll go over five fantastic booty transformations. To make things more actionable, we’ve also gone over some specific tactics each of these girls used. 


Ready? Let’s check them out.



Booty Bands Before and After

Here are some before and after photos of fantastic booty transformations.


1. Amanda Torres


Amanda’s booty transformation is quite impressive. She attributes her fantastic gains to resistance bands and has experimented with numerous band-based home workouts.


In one of her Youtube videos, she recommends the use of mini resistance bands, resistance bands with handles, and furniture such as a sofa for effective home-based training.



2. Madalin Frodsham


For a long time, Madalin tried to get fit through the traditional method: cardio.


But, once she started focusing on heavy weight training, the results finally came. Her training involves lots of hypertrophy work with resistance bands in the high and low repetition ranges.


3. Marissa Remy


Marissa has achieved one of the most impressive booty bands before and after transformations. She managed to gain an impressive 20 pounds of muscle in three years thanks to focusing on her nutrition and emphasizing resistance training.


She also highly recommends the use of bands. In her own words:


Use Bands.

The added resistance (whether using booty bands around your quads or looping them from the barbell to the floor) keeps constant tension on your muscle fibers. This fully engages the muscle and keeps it engaged, helping it grow bigger, faster.


4. Corinna Mantegazza


The difference between her before and after picture is about 12 kilograms of weight gain. As you can see, she looks fantastic, and she’s managed to achieve impressive booty gains. 


Corinna largely attributes her success to hard work, resistance training, enough calories (and protein), and, most of all, consistency.


5. Meggan Grubb


Megan, a London-based personal trainer, has also achieved a fantastic transformation, especially for her booty. 


The years of work behind her impressive results include calorie tracking, an emphasis on whole and nutritious foods, and resistance training.


Her workouts feature a variety of lower-body compound exercises, including squats, deadlifts, hip thrusts, and lunges. In one of her Youtube videos, she highly recommends using a loop band on exercises like hip thrusts and squats for better glute engagement and growth.


The Bottom Line

There is a pattern to all of these booty bands before and after transformations:


All of these girls used resistance bands, focused on proper nutrition, and did a variety of booty-focused exercises. What’s more, all of them did what many women are deathly afraid of: they gained weight.