10 Best Home Workouts for Women to Lose Weight

The best home workout for women can be performed at any one of your favourite spots at home. The best thing about it is that you do not have to go out. You can just simply stream the exercise regimen on your smart TV, Laptop or iPad and start burning that fat right away.


World-class trainers are available to give you the best fitness and health tips through online classes for free or you might even like to get yourself a decent subscription with your famous trainer. The use of skipping rope or booty band , core sliders or resistance tube bands while you are working out at home will really help you add some resistance for greater toning. Also, fat burning will be easier with bands if that is your goal. 


Let us have a look at the best home workouts for women:


Legs and Glutes Workouts



For getting toned legs and glutes at home, begin with squats, lunges, Glute Bridge, step-ups, and wall sits. Air squats, side squats are the most effective weighted squats that can give your body some tone. It would be very effective if you hold some extra weight in your hands to lose weight faster. Add front lunges and back lunges as it is best for large muscles. Glute Bridge is known as one of the best and most reliable body exercises when it comes to home workout for women.





If you want to look good in your jeans, you can never give up squats. Squats are quite a multi-tasker and involve multiple muscle groups to give you the perfect toning. Squats tone the lower body muscles which are: Quadriceps, Gluteus Maximus, Calves and  Hamstrings. Talking about the core,  Erector Spanae, Rectus Abdominus, Internal and External Obliques are also involved during squats. You can do beginner squats without weights first and then level up by using 2 kg dumbells right when you feel like your basic squats seem too easy.






Lunges are great for posture and stability and have numerous variations. Lunges involve core and lower body muscles like squats but the involvement of gluteus medius muscle in lunges is greater due to the force focused on one leg at a time.


Fire Hydrants



This quadruped exercise is a great way to start toning multiple muscles together. Starting from all-fours and moving up sideways, fire hydrant can also be used in a pre-exercise warm-up or post-exercise recovery routine.


Glute Bridge



Glute bridge is a great exercise if you want to tone your core, hamstrings, lower back muscle group strengthen your backbone. This exercise also improves your posture over time and gives your spine stability. Trying it with a resistance band is a good idea if you are accustomed to the simpler version of the exercise before. You should always start with a regular glute bridge and make your way up to single-leg. Try to engage your core and glutes together when you push your lower body off the floor for the bridge posture. Now, work for 30 seconds and then rest for 30 seconds. Repeat this 3-4 times until you feel the exertion. 






Full sit-ups or crunches are an incredible addition to your home workout routine if you want rock-solid core. This is a target area exercise which cuts down belly fat with great toning and curves. Initially, bodyweight can be used as resistance instead of weights.Sit-ups focus muscles of the abdomen, chest, neck, lower-back, and hip-flexors.


Abs and Arms Workouts



To get a fully toned body, a home workout for women that involves upper body exercises for abs and arms is very important. You can just miss that out and look perfectly in-shape. To get uniform toning throughout the body, you need to incorporate push-ups, planks, shoulder taps, and twists.





Push-ups may just be the right movement that creates energy in both the upper and core body. Properly performed, it is a hybrid workout that incorporates chest muscles, arms, triceps, neck, stomach, and even legs. The upper muscles of the body that come into play while doing push-ups are the shoulders deltoids, the pectoral muscles, the upper arm triceps and biceps, and the back-erector spinae. The abdominal muscles used during the push-up to keep the body rigid are the rectus abdominis and the transversal abdominis. It is a compound exercise because the push-up involves multiple joint movements.


Overhead Press



To build muscle strength in your arm, over-head presses are one handy set of exercise which uses your biceps, triceps, and core muscles. To make the best of it, use one arm at a time. Perform at least 20 reps of the overhead press in one set. This exercise uses basic dumbbell weights.


Inverted Curl to Front Press



This exercise targets arms and shoulder muscle with a combination of a traditional bicep curl, front raise and chest press drills fused together. Dumbells are necessary for this exercise but if you are out of weights, it is not a bad idea to utilize those soda bottles at home!





Planks are easy to learn for a beginner. The key lies with hand and leg placement. Place your hands under the shoulder with your body pressing down. Split the legs wider than the hip-distance and place toes firmly on the ground toes. Keep a straight line from the heels through the forehead, look down on the floor, and gaze slightly in front of the face. While doing planks, booty band can add value to your efforts with some top-up on resistance.





The twist is the best home workout for women as it just requires a twisting board. Twist boards will help you gain some muscle tone and relax the fat around the midsection. Women can also perform twists to achieve wider curves and, a smaller waist. Resistance bands can be used to put in some extra effort at sweating out.  


There you have it – follow these tips to lose weight quickly!