Benefits of Zumba For Ladies

Zumba works not only the body, but also the mind and the soul. Relieving your body of unwanted pressure and aiding your mind's regeneration process. 

Zumba is almost universally considered fun, almost everyone who has attended a Zumba class can attest to having a great time, full of socializing and blissful movement. What makes it wonderful is Zumba's ability to bring happiness through movement, a rather rare thing, if you ran a 5k before, you know...

Besides the obvious benefits to mental health, Zumba offers not just a classic cardio workout but also boasts a myriad of other benefits for your body. It is truly a wonderous form of exercise that we recommend everyone try at least once. We have listed some benefits to convince you to try it out!

1. Get an even better burn than traditional cardio:

Zumba is amazing at burning calories up to 1000 in an hour long class. That is even better than running 5k and less than half the pain. In fact because it works your whole body, you get a better chance of toning all the stubborn areas that your body holds onto fat for dear life. 

2. Stress is a thing of the past:

The socializing, the music and the cardio all contribute to a natural and healthy 'high' your brain was craving for your entire life. Releasing a flood of endorphins and dopamine, giving you a better mood and maybe even more importantly better sleep and circulation. Bettering the rest of your day and week. 

3. Feel empowered:

As ladies, it is often difficult to find an occasion where it is socially acceptable to express your wildness. Societal pressure often forces us to be prim and proper, even though our inner selves could really use some relaxation. In Zumba, it is expected and encouraged that your let loose, feel at ease in a crowd of people also living out their bet life unconstrained and in the moment.  

4. For a good cause:

Zumba is also a champion of social causes, be it charities, LGBT awareness events or breast cancer funding dances. Zumba bring together women from all walks of life and and provides a fun and communal way to better the lives of everyone in the community. Dance for a good cause!

5. A flavor for everyone:

Zumba is versatile! Not a fan of normal dancing? Give Aqua Zumba a shot. Prefer a more mature crowd? There is Zumba Gold. There is even Zumba kids if you wish your child to be involved. Point is, there is likely a variation of Zumba that fits your likings, so give it a whirl!