Beginner Gym Workout Plan for Women

Are you looking for a beginner workout plan?

But there are thousands of options, exercises, and techniques. Cardio? High-intensity interval training? Weight training? 

Where should you start, what should you do?

There are too many questions and not enough answers.

To make your first visit to the gym as smooth as possible, we’ve put together a list of three simple exercises you can do in your first session.


Weight Training Is Not The Enemy

We know what you might be thinking:

“But isn’t weight training bad for women? I heard it makes us bulky and man-like.”

 This myth first came around in the early 80s and has been around ever since. The worst part is, many women today are under the impression that lifting weights is bad for them and will make them get huge.

The truth is, muscle growth is a slow and challenging process - even more so for women. Fearing that you might get overly-muscular from a little bit of weight training is like fearing that you’ll become overweight from having a cookie - it’s not possible.


The First Visit to The Gym Can Be Intimidating, So Here Is How to Get Started

Going to the gym for the first time can be tough. Everything is new and unfamiliar, you don’t know where to start, and there are so many people who seem to have it all figure out.

Don’t panic.

Start with a simple warm-up - move your arms, shoulders, and legs. Do some leg swings. Walk on the treadmill a bit, if that makes you feel comfortable.

Then, get into the exercises. There is also nothing wrong with asking a trainer there to help you do these with proper technique.



Lunges are an excellent exercise that strengthens the legs and butt. What’s even better about this movement is that it works your legs one at a time. Meaning, you get to improve and develop them individually, which is hugely beneficial and helps prevent muscle imbalances.

Alternatively, if you don’t feel comfortable with lunges, you can start with the leg press, as it’s a bit more beginner-friendly.

Squats are also good, but you may not want to do them during your first visit to the gym. The reason is, squats are more complex and take more time and effort to master. You don’t need to overwhelm yourself on your first visit to the gym.


The Machine Chest or Shoulder Press

The machine press is quite beneficial because it helps strengthen your chest, shoulders, and arms.

This is a perfect exercise for a gym newbie because it’s relatively easy to learn, and the margin for error is slim.

What’s more, depending on the type of machine, you can also expect it to target your core muscles.



Are you looking for an excellent exercise for toned abs? Ever feel like your abs workout is lacking something?

Enter planks. This isometric exercise helps strengthen your abs, improve your stability, and become more athletic.

What’s more, the plank is easy to learn and quite beginner-friendly. 

And finally, thanks to the fact that you have to keep a static position, you get to train your core as it’s intended to work - to keep your body stable.