8 week beach body workout

Shock your muscles into their best shape ever for a head turning beach body

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To get smoking hot, you have to put in the work. Doesn't matter if you already exercise or you are a complete couch potato, effort drives results. 

All routines take a while to acclimate to, no matter the modality of training. The more repetition of the sessions the easier it gets. On one hand it's a sign your body is getting stronger, while on the other it has raised the baseline needed to improve. To further shock the muscle, new stimulus is needed so that your metabolism keeps pace with your desired rate of improvement. Guiding you on to that smoking hot body. 

To shock your body into shedding fat while building lean muscle mass, you must throw a wrench in the system and disrupt the body's habits. Introducing our beach body plan. Using special fat burning movements, this program is tailored to help you shed fat while gaining the best tone ever. Using intense circuit training, the plan burns up to 500 calories an hour, better yet the after burn and recovery uses another 300 calories a whole day after your session. What's better, all you need are some resistance bands available here and each session takes only half an hour...unless you need more rest of course. 

The plan calls for three workouts per week performed on alternate days. You will switch between workout A and B. For each session, there will be 5 movements to be performed in a circuit fashion, perform all of them and rest for two minutes, complete 4 rounds of said circuit to complete the workout. 

A: Using a heavier band. For each movement do as many reps as possible for 30 seconds and move directly into the next exercise. 

B: Using a light band. For each movement do as many reps as possible within 60 seconds and rest 30 seconds between each exercise. 

1. Thruster 

Stand on the resistance band with both feet and grasp the ends tightly with each hand. Raise the bands to about shoulder height and squat down and back up. Using the momentum from the upward squat, press the bands over head and lower them onto your shoulders. Repeat for another rep. 

2. Squat 

With feet roughly shoulder width apart and standing on the band, grasp the ends of the band and raise to shoulder height. Proceed to squat down until your thighs are parallel with the ground. Reverse the motion to stand back up. 

3. Bent over row 

While standing on the band, grasp the ends and pull towards your side. Hold briefly at the top and slowly bring the band back down to a resting position. 

4. Deadlift 

While standing on the band, grasp the ends and with a straight back and without a bend in your knees, hinge your hips forward until your arms are at your side. Reverse the motion slowly until you feel a tightness in your hamstring and repeat. 

5. upright row 

Stepping on the ends of the band shoulder width apart, grab the middle of the band with both hands and pull the bands till your elbows are parallels to the ground. Reverse the motion and slowly lower the bands to a resting position.