7 Secrets to Build a Kick-Ass Booty

Have you ever felt self-conscious about your tush? Are you interested in shaping it up and making it resemble a peach?

As it turns out, research suggests that the content we expose ourselves to can have a profound effect on our subconscious. So, if you find that your social media feed is full of people who actively tone their behinds, then you will be more likely to want to do the same.

But, aside from this, strengthening your butt offers numerous health and fitness-related benefits. From improved posture and decreased risk of injury to more strength and explosiveness, having strong and defined glutes is incredibly beneficial.

With that in mind, here are seven secrets to building a kickass booty.

Secret #1 - Squat Deep

The squat is among the best booty-builder exercises out there. Period. When done correctly, the squat trains and develops your entire lower body, improves your core strength, and makes you faster and more explosive.

But, to reap the full benefit, you need to squat as deep as your mobility allows. Meaning, your thighs should dip past parallel. The deeper you can safely squat, the more your glutes will work.

So, squat as much as you can until your heels start lifting off the ground, or your back begins to round. If you can’t go past parallel safely, do some mobility work for your ankles, inner thigh muscles, and hips.

Secret #2 - Two Words: Hip Hinge

If you want to train your glutes as productively as possible, you need to introduce hip hinge exercises. This means you should do exercises like:

  • Glute bridges;
  • Classic, sumo, and Romanian deadlifts;
  • Good mornings;
  • Glute-ham raises;
  • Hip thrusts;

These exercises do a great job of developing your entire posterior chain, including your butt muscles.

Secret #3 - Do Single-Leg Exercises

Single-leg booty-builder exercises are vital for optimal development as they help you train both sides individually, which helps prevent side-to-side muscle and strength imbalances.

What’s more, some people find that training one side at a time allows them to target their butt better and achieve a deep burning sensation.

Some exercises include:

  • Single-leg deadlifts;
  • Single-leg glute bridge;
  • Donkey kickbacks;

Secret #4 - Use Booty Bands

Booty bands are an excellent piece of fitness equipment for glute training. They are designed to help engage your glutes and hips better through a wide variety of classic exercises, as well as some band-specific activities.

For example, you can use a booty band as an addition to the regular squat to make it more booty-dominant. 

You can also do some movements like standing straight leg kickbacks, which primarily train your hamstrings and glutes.

Secret #5 - Include Plyometric Work In Your Glute-Building Program

Plyometric exercises like vertical jumps, jump squats, and lunge jumps are amazing for glute development as they target the fast-twitch muscle fibers of your muscles and help grow them bigger and stronger.

For example, if the classic bodyweight squat feels too easy, you can always switch it for jump squats and make your workouts a lot more fun.

Secret #6 - Don’t Forget Exercises for Your Adductors and Abductors

Because our glutes are also involved in adduction (bringing your legs together) and abduction (taking legs away from one another), we have to introduce exercises that train these planes of motion.

Some great examples here include:

  1. Clams
  2. Glute rainbows
  3. Hip abduction
  4. Side lunges

By adding these booty-builder exercises to your regimen, you will ensure that your glutes get worked from all possible angles.

Secret #7 - Aim For Progression

Once you’ve covered everything else, your booty-building results will come down to two things: consistency and progression.

Make sure that you always do your workouts diligently and aim to do a bit better with each passing session. A couple of extra reps here, a bit more weight there, an additional exercise, or even an extra workout within the week. 

Over time, these small improvements will add up to significant results.