7 Mistakes Women Are Doing in their Health and Fitness

Today's society constantly bombards females with pictures of fit celebrities and almost unattainable physical goals. Why is it so hard to get fit and feel good about yourself? The problem is, many women are making simple, innocent mistakes in their everyday routines. Here are some of them:


1.Restricting food intake too much

Many people are unaware of their calorie needs and overcompensate by not eating. If you are working out rigorously, calories should never go below 1200-1400.


2.All-or-Nothing approach

This is related to the first point in some ways. If a woman eats so healthily or works out to such a capacity that she cannot enjoy her fitness journey, her cheat days will be too extreme to keep her on track. It is vital not to feel also deprived when trying to make healthier choices. Many experts advise the 80/20 rule: 80 per cent nutrition and 20 per cent fun treats.


3.Loading on too much gym time

No rule says you have to spend three hours in the gym a day. Start slow, to avoid burning out, and build up to longer workouts and rigorous exercises. Even then, the muscles of the body need to recuperate and shouldn't be pushed for hours and hours a day. Most of the time, it's difficult for people to stay consistent when they're overwhelmed. Workouts like the one below are only fifteen minutes, and very helpful for on-the-go schedules.

4. Not Drinking Enough Water

It has been repeated time and time; when you feel hungry, you might just be thirsty. Not to mention, water is essential to hydration and overall bodily health.


5.Sticking to only one type of exercise

It's important to switch things up and keep the body continually working. But of course, it's essential to build up endurance for the exercises that you do try. For example, planks don't burn many calories because they are dormant. Still, they go a long way in toning the abdominal muscles. Blogilates is a channel offering several minute song-workout challenges. These are enjoyable ways to keep entertained while still moving your body.


There's a lot of conflicting information out there, but cardio is always effective-especially cardio weight training. This is basically, a combination of cardio and weights, which are two of the most famous work out strategies.


6. Not tracking nutrition or exercise

Because it is so easy to miscalculate the levels of diet and exercise the boy needs, it is essential to invest in a fitness app that helps track vital statistics.


7. Not working out correctly

Even though its important to avoid working out too much, short workouts won't be effective without correct form. For someone wanting to maximize their results, they need to know the right way to perform the exercises and get their metabolism running. For example, crunches can be painful because beginners tend to strain their neck instead of engaging their abs.


Of course, not everyone has access to a personal trainer. In such cases, even just watching videos of professionals or getting a friend to spot goes a long way in making sure all that hard work isn't wasted.