5 Great Exercises You Should Do For A Strong Upper Body

Upper body strength is important, especially if you are a woman. Exercising your upper body does not make you bulk up, but it will make you look toned and sculpted. Hate that flabby bat wings under your arm, or want a better definition for your back? Upper body workout can help you build muscle around your target spots. Muscles will help you burn fat, so mix it up with some cardio exercises and you will have better defined upper body in no time.

Resistance band pull apart

Using a resistance band, you can target your bicep, tricep, back and shoulders with this simple exercise. Holding your resistance band between your hands, make sure they are parallel to the ground as you hold your arms out at chest height. Keep your body in a neutral spine position as you pull the bands towards your chest as you squeeze the shoulder blades. You should feel the pinch between the shoulder at the back before returning the band to starting position. For a more effective warm-up, do the squats between each pull.

Mountain Climbers

One of the most versatile core exercises is mountain climbers. It targets most of the upper body muscles, and you can quickly switch to a plank if you are doing back exercises. Keep your back in a neutral position when you are in a high plank, and engage your core and glutes as you bring one knee towards the chest and alternate. Do the exercises quickly to increase your heart rate, or perform it slowly for a slow burn in the core muscles. For more intense burn, you can use a resistance band around the feet to make it harder.

Kneeling Leg Extension

The fire hydrant is also a multi- muscle exercise that targets back and core, though it is a thigh exercise. Go on a side plank position but with your bottom knee on the floor. Loop a resistance band around your thighs, you can hold the band with your bottom knee. Engage your core and back muscles as you straighten the top leg towards up towards the ceiling, be careful not to roll the hips. Hold the leg in line with your hip for a slow burn of the core and thigh.

Bicep Curls

A common arm exercise effective for that beautiful curves of your arm, the bicep curls have many varieties. You contract your biceps as you move the weights towards your chest, Alternate between a normal bicep curl with palms face your body as you curl upwards, and a hammer curl by rotating your palms to face your torso. Your elbows are tight next to your body, only the biceps curling your lower arms towards your chest. For the HIIT workout, do this exercise with lower weight but more repetitions. If you are aiming for a better muscle definition, you can hold the curl between each repetition.

Deltoid Raises

You can use dumbbells or resistant bands for this upper body exercise. For resistance band, you step on one end of the band, while you hold the sides with the palm facing the thigh. Stand leaning forward with your back in a neutral position and lift both arms to the side to form a "T". This exercise is mainly for the shoulders, tricep and bicep but is also a great back exercise. You can alternate between a deltoid raise and a front raise for a more intense shoulder burn.

The Bottom Line

Say goodbye to flabby arms and bad posture with these 5 great exercises. They are easy to do and you can scale up according to how intense you want it to be. Plus, these are great exercises to be in your daily routine of core exercises, back exercises or just HIIT work out. For best results, do them regularly and always challenge yourself to be stronger.