4 week workout plan to get ripped

A month is all it takes for the B-E-A-C-H-B-O-D. 

The truth: You loathe having to work up a sweat to get results, especially if it's for many sessions. 

Also truth: You hate your roommate who looks better than you in a crop. 

Here at Adelyn Active, we think that the second truth is more powerful...so work it!

Ready to be better, sweat and work towards your goals? Follow along Adelyn Active's 4 week plan to get ripped and get ready for results!


Compound Movement 1

Compound Movement 2 

Isolation Movement


Upper Body


Inverted Row

Bicep Curls

Overhead Triceps Extensions

Lower Body


Romanian Deadlifts


Walking Lunges


Russian Twists

Ab Slide

Feet Up Crunch


Full Body

Bulgarian Split Squats

Incline Push Up 

Upright Row

Leg Raises 


For guides on the exercises take a look at Adelyn Active's perfect 4 week plan.

Each week you will have a different focus for the workout:

Week 1: You will use a weight that you could easily perform 15 clean reps with and perform all exercise in 4 sets of 8 reps. For body weight movements perform 4 sets, all being 5 reps shy of failure.

Week 2: Perform the exact same exercises in the same rep scheme with the aim of exceeding week 1 by 2-3 reps. This will condition your body to higher loads and tone your physique. 

Week 3: For this week, you will select a weight that you can do 10 reps comfortably, the objective is to complete a minimum of 10 reps for each exercise and set a new personal record by going to failure. For bodyweight exercises, add resistance using bands if needs be, which could be found here. If bodyweight is sufficiently challenging, perform all sets to true muscular failure. Perform 3 sets of each exercise to failure to feel the burn and force your body to get in shape. 

Week 4: The objective for this week is to add another set to what you were doing on week 2. Perform each set 2-3 reps shy of failure, you should feel that your baseline tolerance for volume has increased and you are less gassed compared to week 2...Congrats! That is progress being made, treat yourself to a hot shower and a good nap. 

Remember to space out the hard days with either steady state cardo or outright rest. Your body can only improve as much as you let it. Keep at it girl!


Additional Tips:

1. Drink water! Lots of it. When fat metabolizes in you body and produces energy, the byproducts exits your body through either your urine or your breath. Without drinking enough water, your body has no way of expelling the byproducts of fat burn and would instead choose to use the body's carbohydrates. 

2. Get a thunder buddy. There will be hard times and maybe even some set backs, having a like minded training partner to keep you on track is by far the easiest way to reach your goals...and theirs too!

3. Listen to your body! We are not terminators with hydraulic pistons for arms, we get tired, work overtime and bruise from slipping on a banana peel. When your body does not like something...you will know. In the short run, you will lose out on progress, but extend your time horizon and you see that pushing through the times when your body is not performing just puts yourself at risk of injury and is just not worth it.